Frankie and Wally's

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Thank you for your overwhleming support! We're working on our new upcoming space in Coral Gables. Stay tuned for updates.

Frankie and Wally's


Ready-to-bake Lasagnas

Craft Sandwiches

Best lasagna, sandwiches, and cookies ever!! The quality is always there! You really feel the love and dedication to everything that they make. Doesn’t get better than this!

Carolina C.

I can proudly say that this lasagna converted me into a believer. Growing up and throughout life I wasn't a fan of lasagna but after being convinced to give Franky and Wally a shot, I know dream about layers of pasta and cheese and just the perfect amount of sauce. It's delicious, tastes homemade, and the team at Franky and Wally's will make you fall in love with every bite. Amazing amazing amazing


Such an amazing team of people...If you're looking for an undeniably good catering order of food that fulfills both vegetarian and meat lover's cravings - please check out this amazing Miami duo. Our office could not thank them enough for making our holiday celebration so special. A million thank you's!

Brunna R.

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